First game, first release

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for step-by this post. This game is our first released game so... it lacks lots of stuff. But hey, we need all to start somewhere !

This game was originally developped during a game jam organized by Mathoslink exclusively for Dassault Systemes employees.
But we are planning to continue the developpement in the following months in order to polish it and add more contents.

Nico is the main programmer of the game (seriously he did 75% of the work) and Mathoslink helped on the design of the dungeon, implementation of the ennemies and other minor stuff. Big up also to Harlock (no profile on who though of the original idea and wanted to do some graphic assets (but unfortunately did not find the motivation :'( ).

So what's next ?
- Giving proper credits for the graphic assets and the music (seriously sorry guys ><)
- Adding more puzzle and dungeon !
- and that's it ?

Thanks again for reading and see you on next update !
Nico and Mathoslink

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